Companion Savings Special

Companion Savings Account - 0.15% APY*

Some things are better together! Open a new CD and be eligible for a high yield savings account with up to the same deposit amount. Start saving today with as little as $1,000.

Ways to Apply


  • Want to earn more interest than a normal savings account.
  • Invest in CDs, but also need access to their funds.


  • Earn a great rate on a CD, and enjoy the flexibility of a savings account.
  • Accompanies your CD and provides a higher yield without time limits.



  • Minimum balance to open and earn interest is $1,000.
  • Account must be opened the same day as a CD.
  • Requires new money with a maximum deposit that is equal to the corresponding CD amount.
  • Unlimited in person withdrawals at Community Banking Offices.

Ways to Apply

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*New money is required for the savings account.  The companion savings account is a limited transaction account opened the same day as a new or reinvesting CD(s) with a balance up to the amount of the CD(s). This variable interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) is effective as of May 4, 2023 and is subject to change without notice. The APY assumes that all interest will remain on deposit until maturity.  Open with $1,000, and keep a $1,000 daily balance in the account to avoid the $3 monthly fee. You need to keep at least a $1,000 daily balance in the account to earn interest. Fees may reduce earnings. Interest will be calculated monthly using the daily balance method. Unlimited withdrawals in person.  A CD of a term equal to or greater than 12 months must be opened in conjunction with the establishment of a companion account. The total value of the CD opened in conjunction with the companion account can never be less than the dollar value of funds placed into the companion account. Additional deposits may only be added at the time of opening a New Certificate of Deposit with NWSB Bank in the same business day.