Payments & Disbursements

Business online banking opens the door for payments and disbursements!

Make payments easily and efficiently with a variety of our services.

Ways to Apply

Use ACH services to automatically send payments to vendors within Business Online Banking. You’ll save time and money by no longer preparing the payments manually.

  • Reduce costs associated with issuing paper checks for vendor payments.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with robust security measures, including dual control and dollar limits set per user.
  • Decrease administrative expense by eliminating the need to monitor float and to reconcile checks issued to vendors.
  • Eliminate the potential for lost or stolen checks. ACH payment origination is safer and more secure than issuing standard paper checks.
  • Go green---ACH reduces your use of paper and other resources needed to produce the checks.

Pay your employees using Direct Deposit within Business Online Banking.

  • Reduce costs associated with issuing standard payroll checks.
  • Save time and decrease expense by eliminating the need to monitor disbursement float and to reconcile checks issued to employees.
  • Eliminate the potential for lost or stolen checks; direct deposit of payroll is safer and more secure than issuing standard payroll checks.
  • Go green---direct deposit of payroll reduces your use of paper checks and other resources needed to produce the paychecks.
  • More convenient for employees---employees have quicker access to their funds and they no longer need to make a trip to the bank to cash their check.

    Easily manage your funds through automatic transfers between your accounts.

    • Whether your accounts are with us or are also with other financial institutions, you can manage your funds using Business Online Banking.
    • Transfers between NWSB Bank accounts can be done on the current business day or scheduled ahead of time, whenever you wish. If the same transfer is conducted periodically between the same accounts, you may schedule it as a recurring transfer, so that it takes place automatically. For transfers that include your accounts outside NWSB Bank, you can quickly and easily initiate an ACH or wire transaction.

    Whether you have domestic or international wires, outgoing or incoming, take care of them using Business Online Banking.

    • Take advantage of free-form wires, wire template services, and wire batch services.
    • Enjoy flexibility to send multiple wires at one time, or schedule them ahead of time when it’s convenient for you.
    • Security features are in place to give you peace of mind, including dual control and dollar limits set per user.

    Track payments and keep records of checks easily with our image services.

    • View both sides of checks that have cleared in Business Online Banking. You can print them, too.
    • Once Business Online Banking is activated, your account history will begin to build, culminating in a rolling history of up to one year of transactions.

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