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With experienced lenders and local decisions, we're committed to helping your business finance opportunities and respond to challenges. The right loan is an essential tool. Special fixed rates are now available for up to 10 years on select loans and together we can create the right solution for your unique needs.

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We're committed to your next chapter.

  • Commercial, industrial and residential real estate
  • Construction
  • Vehicles, equipment & machinery
  • Expansion or renovations
  • Working capital and more

The Right Loan is important.

Together we'll find the best solution.

  • Real estate mortgage loans
  • Installment loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Small business loans
  • Agricultural loans and more

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  • With diverse industry experience, our lenders are trusted partners for local businesses. 
  • We understand your unique goals and invest in your success.
  • Decisions are made locally, with our shared community in mind.

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Committed to Local Businesses

“I would recommend NWSB to any small business owner because of the personal touch and attention you receive. They know me when I walk in, so they know I’m there for a deposit or something. It’s been great working with all of them.” Kathy Weber, Cattails Country Florist
“Many other banks claim they are a neighborhood and community bank but fall short. I have been working with Drew Heck and his team for almost 10 years, for Real Estate and Business financing and it has been an incredible experience." John Corbitt, Opie's Soft Serve and Snowballs
“Our recent project with NWSB has been the most challenging of any project we have every undertaken. We chose a local bank because we needed a partner in our ventures. It is difficult to visualize and assess the risk of what we do from far away. Local banks know who you are and whether you can deliver on the promises you ask them to invest in.” Paul Cross, Westminster Inn

Committed to local businesses

All products and services are subject to eligibility, credit approval and other conditions. Restrictions may apply.

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