Guard your business against fraud with Positive Pay.

Positive Pay protects your business against fraud and the payment of unauthorized checks. As your company disburses checks, you electronically supply the Bank with a file containing the information from each check. As your checks are presented for payment, each one is compared to the information from your file. If all of the information matches, the check is paid. If the information is not a total match, the check is not paid until you are contacted by the Bank and the issue is resolved.

How it works:

  • Upload check file through your Business Online Banking system.
  • When checks are presented for payment, any "suspect" or mismatch items are presented through Business Online Banking for a customer decision regarding payment.
  • Electronic notification is provided when a check is identified as unauthorized or is presented for the incorrect amount.
  • Activity for both ACH payments and collections can also be monitored.
  • NWSB Bank will provide local service and support.
  • Monthly fee based upon account relationship.

Here's what's in it for you:

  • Save money by preventing losses due to fraud. As you issue checks, the issue date, check number, amount and payee information are entered into our clearing system. Any item that does not match the information you provide must be verified before it is paid.
  • Have peace of mind knowing Positive Pay will prevent duplicate fraudulent checks from being cashed. Duplicate payments are virtually eliminated because the list of items paid, either through our check clearing operation or our offices, is updated in real time.
  • Enjoy convenience of online check reconciliation. This is provided to assist with balancing to your bank statement.
  • Positive Pay is easy to implement. No software or hardware is needed. Everything is done securely online, so you don't have to worry about installing additional computer software or hardware for this service.
  • Rest easy with this check monitoring service. Checks that are purchased through NWSB Bank’s check provider will display “POSITIVE PAY PROTECTED” above the signature line to let the viewer know your account with NWSB Bank is being monitored.

For more information, call us toll free  at 1-866-584-8949 (ext 2) or complete the Business Contact Information Form.

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