Traditional CDs

Save for the long-term with our CDs.

Invest your money for a specific period of time that you choose, and in return you have the benefit of earning more interest. 

Ways to Apply

For People Who…

  • Want to keep their savings longer.
  • Have already built up some savings.


  • Earn higher interest rates, by keeping your money in longer.
  • Easy flexibility with the different term options!  
  • Option to renew the CD on its maturity!


  • Open with $500 dollars for CDS with terms of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60 months.
  • With $1,000, you can also open 8-31 Day and 32-90 Day CDs.
  • CDs are subject to a penalty for early withdrawal.



Additional Information

  • Depending on your CD’s term and balance, the interest may be automatically deposited into another NWSB Bank checking or statement savings account, credited to the CD, or paid by check.
  • On the CD’s maturity date, you may have the CD automatically renew for the same term, or you may transfer the funds into a different CD. It’s your choice.
  • CDs are subject to a penalty for early withdrawal. These fees may reduce earnings.

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