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Make a savings plan for your next big event.

It can be tough managing the extra expenses of paying for a big vacation or holiday. Our Very Important Purpose (VIP) Club account will help you pay for those extras without breaking your budget.

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For People Who…

  • Want to save for a special vacation or holiday occasion.
  • Want a set date to access their savings.


  • Open with only $5, and choose when you can use that money.
  • You can quickly and conveniently add to your club.
  • Great solution for many different savings goals.


  • The VIP Club account matures, the 15th or 30th of any month.
  • Funds will be directly deposited into your NWSB Bank Checking or Savings account.

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Additional Information

You can quickly and conveniently add to your club---payments are automatically deducted from another NWSB Bank checking or statement savings account and directly deposited into the club. Make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deposits.  When it matures, the funds will automatically be deposited into your other NWSB Bank account.

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Apply easily using our online account opening application!

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