Committed to Local Businesses like Cattails Country Florist

Every Business Has a Story

Committed to local businesses like Cattails Country Florist

Posted on Jun 10, 2021

Through flowers, Cattails Country Florist owners Kathy and Tim Weber are there for their customer’s big life moments. When they need someone to be there for their business, they trust NWSB Bank.

As a community bank, we’re committed to our customers and community.

Every business has a story, in this one, business is blooming.

The roots of Cattails Country Florist

Kathy and Tim bought the business in 2004. Tim had worked in flower shops both in Texas and Baltimore, and Kathy was working as an accountant.

“It was almost like a perfect fit for us,” said Tim. “I was the designer and knew how to arrange the flowers. I knew the prices of the flowers and what we should sell, and Kathy knew how to take care of the money.”

Kathy and Tim did almost everything by themselves during their first year in business.

“In the early days, I mean literally, we would come up and spend the night here. A lot of that was not just making the arrangements, it was Kathy going through MapQuest and routing out all the deliveries and hand-writing all the cards out for the phone orders that came in.”

They’ve since expanded their team and upgraded their technology, but the core philosophy of Cattails remains the same. For the Webers, it’s about nurturing a relationship with their customers and going the extra mile as a small business owner.

Cattails believes in supporting their customers in the ways only a local business can, whether it’s staying at the shop to get orders out after a snowstorm or driving in to reopen for a last-minute prom pick up.

There for big life moments

Photo of the Weber's son with a rose, Tim's daughter's wedding bouquet, and flower arrangements


Getting to know their customers and being a part of their story is something Kathy and Tim enjoy about being in the floral industry.

“Over the past 17 years being in business we have definitely had the opportunity to watch people’s children grow,” said Kathy. “We’ve done their prom flowers and then we’ve done their weddings and their baby showers, and it’s really neat to watch and kind of have a small part in their lives.”

From wedding to sympathy arrangements, the Cattails team takes tremendous pride in the quality of their work.

“We just like to make sure everything looks good before the event is happening. Our philosophy is just making sure that the customer is happy,” said Tim. “If there is an issue, we’ll run up, change out a flower.”

Flowers also bring everyday enjoyment

Flower arrangements from Cattails

In addition to celebrations and occasions, the Webers want people to enjoy flowers as part of their everyday life.

It’s why Cattails started their Flowers for a Year program. People sign up, pay a one-time fee, and can then come in once a month for a fresh bouquet. It’s a great way for Kathy and Tim to stay connected to their customers and a great way for the community to enjoy fresh flowers all year.

“I can tell you, even coming from the male perspective,” said Tim, “having flowers sitting on the table, sitting at the house brightens the room, it brightens the spirit, no one’s unhappy when they receive flowers.”

Working with NWSB Bank: A shared community connection

Lender Tonya Boczek with the Webers at the shop

From day-to-day banking needs, business and family accounts, and assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, NWSB Bank has been there for Cattails Country Florist.

“The way that we get to see customers grow, it’s a very similar relationship that we have with our friends at the bank,” said Tim. “NWSB has helped us through many business milestones, they’ve helped us with the birth of our child and setting up his first savings account. You walk in there and they smile, and they know our name and it’s those little things that make a big difference for us.”

NWSB Bank believes in the same relationship-focused approach that Kathy and Tim bring to their business.

“I would recommend NWSB to any small business owner, because of the personal touch and attention that you receive,” said Kathy.

And the Webers trusted NWSB Bank and lender Tonya Boczek to help them during 2020 and the COVID-19 shutdowns.

“The relationship we’ve had with NWSB, I don’t know that through the pandemic that we’re going through, if we would have been able to make it through that without some of the help. I was able to reach out to Tonya from the bank who was handling the PPP loans, and she just helped walk us through that whole process. That was crucial in keeping us getting through 2020. Without question,” said Tim.

NWSB Bank is committed to local businesses like Cattails County Florist, and we are here to be part of your story. Let us help with your next chapter.

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