Helping Hands

Helping Hands Supports Two Restaurant Customers While Serving Many in Need

Donation at Together We Own It

Posted on Jun 15, 2020

Through NWSB Helping Hands and with the help of The Buttersburg Inn and Bess and Ben’s Country Kitchen, we provided 600 freshly made sandwiches and sides to families served by Together We Own It. The Helping Hands initiative is funded by the Bank as well as our employees and board members. It was created as a way to support our  local restaurant customers while giving back to community members in need.

Buttersburg Inn

The Buttersburg Inn in Union Bridge is a longtime customer of NWSB Bank. According to Owner Frank Tunzi, “We’ve been serving up delicious casual fare since 2002, and we’re committed to serving fresh, delicious food that everyone can enjoy.”

“We feel proud to have our establishment associated with NWSB Helping Hands, and we are more than grateful for the opportunity. This has been a very trying period for all of us, but this is like a ray of sunshine through the storm clouds. Thank you to the staff at Together We Own It for their compassion in taking care of residents in our community,” he added.

Bess and Ben’s Country Kitchen is a staple in Taneytown, MD, and a valued customer of NWSB Bank. Restaurant Owner Rod Gross also shared his appreciation for being asked to participate in NWSB Helping Hands. He agreed to provide meals to those served by Together We Own It as well as the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster during this challenging time of COVID-19.

“Our restaurant has been around since the 1940s and officially became Country Kitchen in 1965--making it the oldest restaurant in Taneytown. We strive to serve delicious meals at a great value and in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere,” Mr. Gross said.  

How Together We Own It Serves Our Community

Together We Own It empowers kids to engage, inspire, and motivate one another. Their mission is to work with children and families to break the cycle of poverty, trauma and mental illness and move forward by providing a stable and supportive environment, full of opportunity.

The organization serves over 700 children across the state of Maryland; primarily in Carroll and Wicomico County. The organization strives to foster a sense of connection between youth and their community by connecting people and resources, mentoring, providing educational enrichment, and recreational empowerment.

Katie Kirby, Together We Own It Executive Director, said, “The support from NWSB Helping Hands and our partnership with The Buttersburg Inn and Bess and Ben’s Country Kitchen to provide 600 meals for our children and families is huge. The combined efforts mean that we get to connect with hundreds of additional families--not only giving them a quality and nutritious meal--but also allowing us to lend a smile and share our gratitude to them. So many of the families we serve are simply surviving. Thanks to NWSB Bank and The Buttersburg Inn, we can help them thrive.”

Interested in getting involved?

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The Buttersburg Inn

9 N Main Street
Union Bridge, MD

Bess and Ben’s Country Kitchen

112 E Baltimore Street
Taneytown, Maryland

Together We Own It

255 Clifton Blvd Suite 308,
Westminster, MD