Identity Restoration

Identity Theft Protection with Your Checking Account

ID Theft with Your Checking Account

Posted on May 15, 2019

At NWSB Bank, we're committed to you, our customers. That’s why we're offering a checking account that features more benefits than ever before through powerful new services called Advantage Rewards. Advantage Rewards provides Identity Theft Protection benefits powered by BaZing. 

If you become a victim of identity theft or other fraudulent crimes, Identity Restoration provides access to a fraud specialist to guide you through the complex process of restoring your personal identity, credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity. This service fills a void by providing legal, financial, and identity theft restoration services.

You'll have unlimited access to a fraud specialist to assist you with notification to creditors, file alerts and freezes if you deem such action appropriate. The fraud specialist is also available to provide education and assistance with common identity related issues such as lost documents, identity theft of children, travel related issues and more.

Personal Identity Protection If you experience a covered stolen identity event, (theft or unauthorized or illegal use of your name, checking account, or checking account number, social security number or other method of identifying you), this benefit offers reimbursement for some expenses you may incur to restore or repair your identity. Refer to the Personal Identity Protection Guide to Benefits for a complete list of terms and conditions. $2,500.00 lifetime benefit.

Payment Card Fraud Resolution If your credit cards become lost or stolen, this benefit offers access to a fraud specialist to assist you in canceling and reissuing your cards, guidance and next steps in protecting your finances. 

Identity Theft Aid For other fraud issues and concerns, this service offers unlimited access to a personal fraud specialist who will provide education, guidance, identity recovery support and resolution services, and concierge assistance.

Should you need assistance, call or email BaZing customer service to be connected with a fraud specialist. Simply open an Advantage Rewards Checking Account to take advantage of this benefit, as well as the other benefits such as roadside assistance, shopping and dining deals, and savings on prescriptions. 

For more information, stop by any community banking office to speak with a bank representative.