Mid-Year Check In

Pivoting Goals, Setting New Ones, and How Your Bank Can Help

Mid-Year Check In

Posted on Jul 28, 2020

If 2020 hasn’t gone how you thought it would… you are not alone.

Now that we’re more than halfway through this unprecedented year, it’s time to check in, adjust, and possibly pick new goals.

Here are some common financial goals and how we as your bank can help you work toward them.

Goal: Control or Pay Off High-Interest Debt

Pay off high interest debt

If, like many people, you had to cover unexpected expenses with your credit card, you may face more high-interest debt than you anticipated this year. There’s still time to gain control and work toward debt freedom. Start with a review of your current needs, balance, and strategy.

A consolidation loan can lower your monthly payments to create more room in your budget and free up credit. We can help you crunch the numbers with our online calculators and help you find a loan.

Goal: Make Your Home More Functional, Comfortable, and Enjoyable

Make Your House More Comfortable

Homes have become offices, schools, gyms, summer camps, and even staycation spots. If your goal is to improve your quality of life, focusing on your home is a smart place to start. Create an outdoor space or addition, remodel your kitchen or bathroom, upgrade your HVAC, or tackle your DIY list.

We can help finance your projects with a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit.

Goal: Start or Build Your Savings

Start or Build Your Savings Account

Having a fund to cover unpredictable expenses, job changes, and other life events brings tremendous peace-of-mind. If your goal is to start or increase your nest egg, a good first step is setting up a separate savings account. We can keep your money secure and accessible. We even have special accounts for kids and teens to learn smart money habits.

Goal: Invest in Your Financial Wellbeing

Invest for the futureThe year may not have gone as planned, but you can take steps to invest in your future without spending any money. Borrow books from your library or online library on financial topics. Check your credit report and look for discrepancies and areas to improve. Review your estate plan and update beneficiaries on your accounts and policies.

If you’re ready for more, consider talking to a wealth management advisor. This year has seen a lot of market volatility and they can help answer your questions and create a plan.

Goal: Give Back & Lend a Hand

Give Back and Lend a HandThere are many opportunities to help this year. Plan random acts of kindness for your neighbors, volunteer with a local nonprofit, and support local businesses and restaurants when possible.

Did you know, just by banking at a community bank, you are already helping your community? It’s true. Community banks like ours reinvest directly in the places we call home. We help small businesses, nonprofits, and families all the time. This spring we also provided thousands of meals from local restaurants to people in need through our Helping Hands initiative. Thanks for banking locally.